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The stories behind our collections

20/20 Collection

This year 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone but it has undoubtedly taught us to appreciate the things in our lives more.

Although things seem to be negative, eventually positive things will come. The perfect example is the swing of a pendulum in one direction determines the swing in the opposite. We have to let this swing of opposites become a conscious act to balance our lives:

  • You have to be happy but never stop improving.
  • We must work when we feel passionate and energetic but we must rest when we feel exhausted and tired.
  • You have to buy things, but get rid of those that no longer bring you joy.
  • Give selflessly and with love, and receive with gratitude.

Thinking about this reflection is that it inspires me to create this collection and reminds us that we are capable of balancing and harmonizing all aspects of our lives and although things seem to be negative right now, they will always improve!

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Akoya Collection

Collection inspired by the Japanese shells named Akoya where the most brilliant and round pearls grow. Shells are linked to the moon and femininity and pearls are symbols of beauty and elegance.

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Birds Collection

One of the first collections I designed: inspired by the birds that symbolize freedom because they can walk on land and swim in the sea like us, but they also have the ability to fly into the sky.

Seeing the birds fly I feel that they encourage us to "aim high" and that we can achieve our goals despite the obstacles we may encounter in pursuing our dreams.

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Classic Logo Collection

Our most iconic collection because of our logo, is classic and timeless! Ideal for any occasion or season!

Millié's logo consists of 4 letter M's interlocking representing: Millié (brand name), Michelle (founder's name), Monterrey (city where it was founded) and Mexico (our beautiful country where all our pieces are made)

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Granada Collection

After a trip to Granada, Spain I was fascinated by the Alhambra that to remember that trip I made with my mother I decided to design this collection using as inspiration the symbols that you can find in all the palaces and gardens and using red stones - natural rubies.

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Heart Collection

Because love is everything, I wanted to design our version of the typical heart but with our logo to make it more emblematic.

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Huipil Collection

Proudly Mexican and I wanted to show it with this collection: inspired by the typical Mexican huipiles and their geometric shapes to create this modern and simple collection that represents the culture of our beautiful country!

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Luna Collection

One of the collections that means a lot to me: I have always felt a special connection with the Moon, it gives me peace and tranquility, it is the celestial body that I most admire, so much so that in fact my Labrador dog is called Luna!

I wanted to make a collection that will represent all the lunar phases because I believe that we are not static beings, but that we are continually changing, sometimes in good situations and sometimes in not so good ones, but always learning and growing personally!

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Monarca Collection

The idea was born when one autumn day when I woke up I opened the blinds in my room and the sky was full of monarch butterflies! I have never seen so many in my life! They inspired me so much that I immediately started drawing and researching this butterfly! They are synonymous with perseverance that is reflected in the thousands of kilometers that they travel every year from Canada to Mexico !!

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Spada Collection

Colección inspirada en las espadas que simbolizan honor y poder! Creo firmemente que la joyería es como la armadura que porta una mujer, te hace sentir segura, hermosa y poderosa! Es nuestra colección un poco más "edgy" pero también elegante!

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North Star Collection

Inspired by the brightest star you find in the sky: the north or polar star. It is that star that is always shining and if one day you feel lost or aimless, just looking at it will guide you on the right path!

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Starfish Collection

Collection inspired by starfish that symbolize regeneration, renewal and self-sustainability and is also linked to intuition and inspiration.

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Yin Yang Collection

Inspired by the phrase: "the sun loved the moon so much that it died every night to let it breathe"

Everything in the universe consists of these two symbiotic forces. It describes how seemingly opposing forces can actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the world and how one force lifts up the other and they coexist.

Yin - represents the moon that is associated with femininity and your inner goddess.

Yang - represents the sun that is associated with passion, rebirth and power.

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